Sunday, 12 June 2011

Home to London

Hey all,

So, it has been a while since my last post! I have been in LONDON! With a week between jobs (unpaid leave as a job appeared very quick and I had had no rest). I headed to London to see my parents and chill out for a bit. 

Met a good friend for breakfast, although I didnt pick what you would consider as normal breakfast food, I had a prawn cocktail baguette and a strawberry milkshake at 9:30am hehe! Then went and saw my nanna, she is doing well at the moment which is great she is enjoying a bit of freedom from my grandad (who is sadly in hospital, but needs care so this is a positive as my nanna was struggling). She has been reading loads and sorting the house. She has offered me the most amazing tea set gold rimmed and blue flowers, it is sooo beautiful!!! I dont have a picture at the moment but when I have moved house and have somewhere i can look after it i will send you a picture. It even has a teapot. Then I went for lunch with my dad and it felt like we were on a holiday in europe, amazing food and great great service (for which we tipped appropriately!) yummy mussels they were really great! On our walk back from the restaurant I popped into the charity shops and dad had prewarned me that mum regularly checks these on my behalf so it was unlikely I would find anything! SO WRONG! I got 4 amazing matching side plates with pink flowers and gold rims and a 5th non matching one...Price??? well....30p a plate!!! Yay massive bargain! Again, I have left these in london for safe keeping so no photos at the moment.

I made my parents dinner that evening tried my wonderful friends focaccia recipe and thought it had messed up when with the first batch I had left the yeast out (this got turned into pizza) and then when I left the second batch to rise somewhere that was too hot so it ended up with a crust! But I recovered it and it was lovely. We had this with homemade carbonara, salad and pizza, think my parents were pleasantly surprised.

The following day my dad and I went for a walk (he walks a lot and has just started taking a of the third every week), we were scoping a future route for his club so headed to uxbridge and did about 6-7 was lovely and I wish I had had a camera because there we so many cute little ducklings!!! awwww! 

Then my favourite chinese of all time, I have never found better in Portsmouth and it was gorgeous!!!!! Just amazing! YUM!!!!

Overall, a lovely time spent in London and some bargains found which was unexpected but great! Was great to catch up with my nanna and all the knowledge she has with bargain hunting and being creative!

Sorry the blog is so text heavy today, I will try to remember to take a camera out more often with me!

Hope everyone is well


Monday, 6 June 2011

First Blog

Hey All,

So being new to all this stuff, it has taken about 1/2 an hour to sort it all out and I am still not sure whether the format is great but watch this space for changes!

Thought having got a couple of friends who blog and how much I love reading all about their new purchases or what they have made etc. and with all the exciting transitions in my life at the moment a blog would be ideal to log it all! New house, new job etc.

Today was the day to start as my partner went to work today and has locked the front door...only problem with that is... my keys are in his car, thus I am unable to leave the house! DOH!!!

So it should be a day of cleaning and sorting ready for the return of my wonderful partner. But at present it is a day of lounging around in my pyjamas and passing the time online.

I'll quickly tell you about a bargain I have found over the weekend, courtesy of a lovely lady on freecycle! My partner and I have just collected a wonderful pine coffee table ready for when we move into our new house! yay!!! It was not quite what we were expecting but is 100 times better! Cute and square perfect for feet and glasses! (in our current place empty glasses sit on the floor and then get knocked over)

I am looking forward to practicing my sanding and staining
on this to get it to match our other pine bargains!!
I guess for now  I have run out of things to say and thus that is the end of my first blog. Might spend a bit of time working out how to neaten things up and then see if I can set up my folksy shop, if you haven't seen that website you should check it out!!!! Loads of craft things to buy.

Thanks for reading